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Vancleave A/C and Heat
Average rating:  
 31 reviews
by Alejandro K. Womack on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Happy Customers

Their AC technician was fantastic – he was neat, organized, and adaptable. The support team over the phone is incredibly helpful in offering assistance and guidance. The individual who came for the quotation was also highly accommodating with valuable suggestions. We would unquestionably engage their services again, and they are now our go-to service team for air conditioning.

by Giovanni G. Salinas on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Great Job!

We had a complete system set up for our business, and the entire customer experience was excellent throughout. The cost was competitive, the team was both informative and skilled, and the installation was conducted professionally and on schedule. We highly recommend this AC specialist. 

by Agnes D. Austin on Vancleave A/C and Heat
A+ Services

To be honest, my spouse and I were dreading the installation, expecting complications and a messy aftermath. To our delight, the installation team was a pleasure to have in and around our home, leaving us with functional HVAC systems and a clean space. We extend our gratitude to their installers, and the office team who made the survey, estimation, and ordering process uncomplicated.

by Michele R. Alvarez on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Excellent Experience

We want to highlight the excellent communication provided by their AC repair specialist. During the consultation phase, they dedicated time to guide us in choosing the best replacement options, and through the installation, they made us feel that our project was a top priority, responding promptly to our needs.

by Nilsa J. Smith on Vancleave A/C and Heat

Since 2020,  their HVAC ductwork company has consistently provided outstanding maintenance for our units. They not only guarantee top-quality upkeep but also leave our space in pristine condition after each visit. We highly recommend them for their professionalism and thorough service.

by Jane Newman on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Highly recommended!

This company has been maintaining my HVAC system for more than two years, and they have always provided me with a quality and timely service. I am impressed with their professionalism and reliability. I had the chance to recommend them to a few friends, and they are as pleased with their work as I am!

by Anonymous on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Google Listings

If you need AC Repair service, this is the only company that you should trust within the Wade, MS area. They fixed my malfunctioning air conditioner like there was nothing wrong with it. Also, they don't only offer great services but are reasonably rated so that you will not have to worry about spending a crazy amount of money just to get a quality repair service.

by Jasmin W. on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Impressive Service

It was totally worth it hiring these guys for my AC service needs. I continue to be impressed by their customer service and professionalism even after 2 years of using them. They did the work without any problems!

by Leland R. on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Great Customer Service!

I recently purchased 2 air conditioning units for my office. So, I called this contractor and asked them if they would be willing to install my AC. Booking them was no hassle at all. They happily accommodated me.

by Anonymous on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Google Listings

I don't know about you, but this company is the most reliable one for me in Wade, MS. Everything about them is really commendable! From great service to promptness in responding to air conditioning service requests, as well as completing the task within the estimated time, they don't waste any time!

by Lloyd A. on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Highly Recommended!

I called this contractor for my air conditioning service, particularly for the installation of my split type AC at home. The technician arrived on time and was very professional and friendly! Highly recommended.

by Anonymous on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Google Listings

Don't tire yourself by looking all over the place for an AC repair service when you can simply count on this company to provide you with exceptional and high-standard repairs! I assure you, no time or money will be wasted if you hire this company to repair your air conditioning unit.

by Small L. on Vancleave A/C and Heat
I Am a Loyal Customer Now!

I am really happy with these guys' AC repair because they are so quick and reliable! They never gave me a hard time when booking an appointment! I have been a loyal customer for more than 3 years now!

by Anonymous on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Google Listings

The best part of working with a great air conditioning repair contractor is how proud you feel seeing that you didn't waste any time or money. I totally got that feeling when this contractor repaired my AC unit at home. I will keep their number and definitely turn to them when I need such services in the future.

by Luz K. on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Fast Installation!

This air conditioning contractor was the one who installed my 2 AC units at home. I am extremely happy that I hired them because they did a very good job and they did it fast.

by Anonymous on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Google Listings

I would like to grab this opportunity to express how happy I am with the AC repair service I received from this contractor. I really thought I would have to buy another air conditioner because the old one didn't work anymore! This contractor fixed the issues, and I didn't have to spend all that money on a new unit.

by Clifford McCune on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Very well done!

You have proved to be an excellent HVAC contractor on more than one occasion, and with this, you have won my trust and adoration as a service provider! I will not hesitate for a second to call you again if I ever need your professional services!

by Thomas Davis on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Loved your work!

Thanks to your brilliant HVAC service, both my air conditioners have been restored to their fully-functional state, and I am enjoying their cool breeze while typing this. I hate being too hot, so yours was truly miraculous work. Thank you for saving me from the summer heat!

by Lee Crawford on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Really nice work!

Air conditioning service that is done with care! Your employees have proved to be the reliable and hardworking expert they claim to be, and this is giving me peace of mind that my air conditioning unit is in great hands!

by Jean Hardaway on Vancleave A/C and Heat

My air conditioner had been giving me trouble for a while, so I was really in need of quality air conditioning services! I must have been pretty lucky since yours was the first company I came across, and since it was an emergency, I had to call someone quickly. You did the job very well, and I'm happy with your rates as well!

by Leonor Allen on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Very nice!

The only air conditioning contractor I trust! I have been using their services for quite some time now, and I am very happy with both the quality and affordability they bring to the table! Keep up the fantastic work guys!

by Kevin Brown on Vancleave A/C and Heat
A job done right the first time!

I am very happy that I called this HVAC contractor when I needed my air conditioning repaired! A friend of mine recommended me Coast A/C and Heat because they were professional and prompt, and they lived up to my expectations!

by Andrew Scott on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Excellent service!

We moved to Vancleave two years ago. Since then, whenever we have any HVAC issues, we call these guys. We have always provided excellent service for all our cooling needs. They have definitely raised the bar in honesty, customer satisfaction, and professionalism. So, if you need a reliable HVAC contractor, do not hesitate to call this company!

by Austin Goodwin on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Highly recommended!

I am very satisfied with their air conditioning service. I am confident that when I have an emergency, they will respond promptly. What is more, I have peace of mind knowing that they will take care of any issue with my system promptly. Over the years, I have referred them to friends and neighbors who have been just as pleased as I am!

by Adam Bates on Vancleave A/C and Heat
I am a very happy client!

Coast A/C and Heat have been handling our HVAC repair and maintenance needs for the last four years. I have found their service very reliable, and they complete every service with the utmost integrity. They are honest, dependable, and always suggest the most cost-effective solutions!

by Ron Drake on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Excellent service!

My family has been using their services for quite some time now. They have done repairs for us. So we schedule the maintenance and tune-up appointments every six months to keep our HVAC equipment running smoothly.

by Tracy Ramirez on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Keep up the good work!

Excellent service! A few weeks back, our exterior unit went down, and they replaced it with a new unit the very same day! The new unit operates flawlessly. We believe that this company is very dependable. We will continue using their heating and air conditioning service for our annual HVAC checks.

by Jeanette Murray on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Impressive service!

Coast A/C and Heat have been our go-to HVAC company for the last two years. We have used their services for our home as well as for the small business facility we have. When we need assistance, they are ready to help us. The AC repair contractors are friendly and skilled professionals who respect our home and business!

by Eric Brady on Vancleave A/C and Heat
A quality service!

I was very pleased with the AC repair service I was provided with by this company. The technician fixed the issue promptly and gave me advice on how to keep my system efficient. I will definitely use the services of this company if I need any HVAC services again!

by Dean Olson on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Timely response!

My AC broke on a Saturday, and I panicked that no one would show up to fix it until Monday. However, I called these guys, and an air conditioning contractor knocked on my door half an hour later! I was very impressed with their timely response. The technician fixed the unit very fast!

by Pearl Barnes on Vancleave A/C and Heat
Very reliable service!

I moved into my new home recently, and my air conditioner broke down just a few days later. I was very frustrated because I hadn't even settled yet, and I had to deal with that issue. However, a neighbor of mine referred me to your company, and I am very pleased with your service. The air conditioning contractor was very professional and helpful!

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