How Will You Know That Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Help?

AC Maintenance Tips

A few things can make you prouder than the fact that you’re able to fix a thing or two around the house. It is like an affirmation that you may be doing something right in your life. However, know that your capability as a handyman may be limited. When your air conditioning system is showing worrisome signs, hold onto your toolbox and call an AC professional instead.


When will you call one, though? Read up.


Little to No Air from the Vents

What makes this particular problem worrisome is that an inexperienced homeowner might take it as a sign to invest in a new AC unit. Thankfully, it shouldn’t be the case because it might just be caused by some minor mechanical failure that a professional AC expert can fix. In most cases, this problem involves the compressor or ducts.


Unit Blows Hot Air

An AC unit that blows warm air certainly defeats its reason for being. For sure, you wouldn’t want heat on your face when the temperatures outside are soaring to unbearable heights. Before this problem spoils your love for the summer season, call an AC team to sort out the AC system and bring back the coolness inside the home.


Bad Smell

Imagine turning on the AC unit and getting greeted by some foul, unearthly smell. If you can stomach that initial blast of nasty odor, you must be one tough cookie. Instead of just admiring your resilience, quickly put an air conditioning expert on speed dial and have your unit diagnosed. Speaking of unpleasant scents, be extra wary when you sense a sharp, burning smell. This may mean that you have a fire hazard on your hands.


Unnatural Sounds

When you turn on your AC and it isn’t as quiet as usual in its operation, get ready to call for professional assistance. Although there isn’t an ultra-quiet machine, you’d certainly be worried to hear clanking, buzzing, or banging when you turn on the unit. By then, it’d be wise to give an AC expert a call to help you out.


Don’t compromise you, your family’s, your house’s safety by ignoring potentially dangerous AC problems. On that note, call our air conditioning professionals in Vancleave, MS here at Vancleave A/C and Heat to lend you a hand. Call (228) 641-4999 today!