3 Questions to Ask an Air Conditioning Contractor

Know What to Ask When Hiring HVAC Technicians  

Installing a new AC unit in your home or office is an excellent way to keep energy bills down and increase the comfort of your family. It’s an investment that many people take seriously, and you can prolong the lifespan of your unit by keeping up with routine HVAC maintenance and repairs; however, even with regular services, there will come a time when you’ll need a replacement. If you call an air conditioning contractor for the job, here are three questions that you must ask them.

Are you insured and licensed?

You can save yourself any hassles by hiring an insured and licensed technician. Many people are familiar with HVAC units because they can do home remodeling, but that doesn’t mean that they’re certified and equipped to do the job! If something goes wrong during the installation, like a faulty piece or the wrong size is installed, your technician can address the problem on the spot, while an amateur won’t have the knowledge to address and find the root cause of the problem.

What experience do you have?

On top of learning about their insurance policies, you must ask about what kind of experience the technician has when it comes to installing your chosen unit. Make sure to ask for helpful insight on the best brands. To make smart decisions about this, you can do your research and ask for expert opinions. Brands make a difference when it comes to the efficiency and quality of the unit.

Do you do annual service calls?

Once the new HVAC unit is installed, you’d want to protect your investment with yearly services. Make sure to ask if the company can take care of these for you, and mark them on your calendar. Often, an air conditioning contractor will also provide you with friendly reminders to let you know that it’s time to check your HVAC unit.

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