What Are the Common Air Conditioning Repair Mistakes That You Should Avoid?

You Might Be Doing It Wrong

AC units can last for years if they are maintained and inspected regularly. However, you shouldn’t wait until your AC unit gives out before calling for a professional AC repair contractor. Instead, you should be aware of the common mistakes that many people make that could put their HVAC units at risk for early failure. Below are 3 of the mistakes that you should avoid! Let a professional air conditioning repair contractor help you with these kinds of issues.

Wearing-out belts

You should be replacing your AC unit’s belts monthly and have them replaced at the recommended intervals by the manufacturer. However, many people believe that replacing belts is the same as changing the oil in their cars. The fact is that many people wear out their belts, causing them to break down more quickly than normal. If you notice any signs of crackling, burning, or streaks on your AC unit, or if you feel any resistance when you press the red buttons, call an HVAC contractor as soon as possible! You should also inspect the belts at least once a month or at least when you notice signs of wear.

Insufficient refrigerant

Your AC unit needs to be filled with refrigerant every so often. Properly maintained units will use the refrigerant more efficiently, meaning that they will consume less energy but produce more cold air, using only a fraction of the electricity they previously required. On top of that, they should be able to hold a charge for at least a year. However, many people fail to maintain their units and do not infrequently discover that they have insufficient refrigerant. If this is the case, then your air conditioning system will have to be charged with another refrigerant. As a result, you may have to pay more for your electricity and run the risk of your unit breaking down, again.

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